Useful Links



  The Ponseti International Webpage - Here you'll find a lot of useful information, plus many more great links. It's worth spending a while looking at this page! At some point you should be able to download Ponseti's book detailing the method.


  Clubfoot: Ponseti Management - A great 32 page booklet on the Ponseti Method. A great resource and journal of a child who underwent surgery to correct her clubfoot. Another very informative site. This is a great site! Lots of information and stories. thoroughly recommended.

It has details on how to donate your old braces too 


  Yahoo Groups. There are a number of Yahoo groups. 'nosurgery4clubfoot' is probably the most active and the one I'd recommend to get advice and support. You can email and recieve emails from other members. There are other yahoo groups and a good listing can be found here.





  There are many many more sites, so please follow the links from other websites. Also look for videos on You Tube. The more information you can gather the better informed you will be for your child.